Wikid Films Reaches Over 800k Subscribers on YouTube: Owner Carlos Williams Reveals Success Story

Julz Mancini
2 min readJan 26

In today’s industry, it’s all about the algorithm. But, Wikid Films owner, Carlos Williams, developed his audience and platform 8 years ago prior to the fake numbers and likes. Eight years ago, Carlos made the most important investment of his life…a camera. While working as an engineer for Money Bag Yo, he learned the artist was in need of a videographer. Following his first music video, artists of all genres caught wind of Carlos’ services.

Now, Carlos has become a prominent figure in Tennessee and surrounding states. Although he has worked with some of today’s biggest stars such as, Pooh Sheisty, Yung Miami, Quavo, and more, Carlos’ focus is independent artists who are serious about their crafts. He provides a plethora of services including, film production, artist Management, music label A&R services, music business consulting, promotion, and more. He’s had prior experience as the manager of NLE Choppa and A&R’s Glorilla’s situation with CMG and A.R.

When asked what his favorite project has been thus far, Carlos stated, “I have so many. My favorite project was NLE Choppa “Cottonwood” because those series of videos were compiled together to make a mini movie which was very dope. I enjoyed working with him.”

One thing is for certain, Carlos William is a passionate and consistent business man who takes his work very seriously. I asked him what is something he wants people to remember about his company. Carlos expressed, “Wikid Films is an honest company that genuinely likes to help people. I don’t care if you have 1 follower or 1 million followers, you get the same treatment and same quality of work. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve discovered many artists who are very popular today, but when they came to me, nobody knew them. I enjoy motivating people and bringing out the best of them through film.”

Carlos encourages others looking to pursue a career in the industry, “Keep going. Don’t let anyone stop you. Don’t take anything personal and always keep working at your craft.”

Be sure to subscribe to Wikid Films on YouTube and follow their Instagram! While navigating, you will also notice BoxediN, another growing and popular brand of Carlos’.





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