Sleepy Loco Bears it All With EP “In Mook We Trust”

Julz Mancini
2 min readJan 28, 2023


Memphis, Tennessee music artist Sleepy Loco has laid it all on the table for his fans with his new EP, “In Mook We Trust”. The six track project touches on loss, pain, making money, and his past struggles. This album follows his album “Blu Language 2: Out the Blu” which amassed over one million streams and was developed by two prominent producers Hitkidd and YS Trakkz. The album also included collaborations such as, Premo Rice, Starlito, Tripstar, and Eddie Valero.

Throughout the past year, Sleepy Loco and his team have traveled throughout the west coast and down south to ensure the success of previous album. During this time, he has accrued a loyal fanbase which can be seen on social media showing love on every post!

Sleepy Loco’s newest creation, “In Mook We Trust” feels like a movie as the listener sways through each track. He makes it a captivating experience and easy to visualize the stories he tells within his music. The track list is as follows:

  1. Be Myself
  2. Spaceship from Memphis
  3. 100 Million Dollar Dreams Ft. Don Trip
  4. Always Workin
  5. I Can’t Feel
  6. The Heaviest of Hearts

The official music video for “Be Myself” is available on YouTube. Check it out below!

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Sleepy Loco is as real as it gets on and off the camera. Many of his fans have remained true to the music artist due to his ability to be straightforward and transparent. It’s rare to find an authentic artist these days! Be sure to click on the links below to follow Sleepy Loco and watch his progression in music!






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