Sawti Sunik’s New Visual “Conducta Boof” Reaches Over 49K Views On YouTube

Miami music artist, Sawti Sunik, is known for his ability to fuse a variety of sounds together. He is passionate about utilizing multiple genres of music within his content such as dance-hall, hip hop, and metal. Sawti is a young Egyptian, Lebanese, and Jamaican artist who has been making waves within the independent music scene since the beginning of his career.

“Conducta Boof” is Sawti’s most recent release and the visuals are captivating from beginning to end. In just 8 days, the official music video has reached over 49k views! The video, available on YouTube, lures in the viewers from the opening scene with acting, dance moves, and energy. His fans can be seen in the comments expressing their satisfaction pertaining to the new project! Some of them are even asking when his next release will be!

Sawti Sunik keeps his listeners and viewers engaged with his music by touching on subjects that other artists may deem contraversial such as mental health, societal issues, and more. It is imperative within any industry to remain authentic, relevant, and consistent. Sawti possesses all of these qualities and more! Be sure to follow him on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel! He has more coming your way!





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