Rob Lee Emerges With New Single “Happy End” Ft. Marc Dinero

Some people believe that R&B is a dying genre, as there are variety of sounds within today’s music. However, there are some artists who stay loyal to true R&B, displaying their air grabbing, soul snatching, and hypnotic melodies. Rob Lee is an up and coming singer who has caught the attention of many due to his beautiful voice. His music creates specific vibes in which are lacking in music today. He has the ability to touch his audience’s hearts with his feel good music.

This Louisville, KY native graduated from the Youth Performance Art School for Vocal and Music Theatre in 2006. Following this accomplishment, Rob continued to perfect his voice and songwriting skills. In 2011 he was given the opportunity to perform with Smoke E Digglera (Playa, Dru Hill). Rob’s accolades did not stop there. He has since opened up for Tory Lanez, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and fellow native artist Marzz.

Rob’s debut album, “Art of Flight” (2018) displayed his storytelling abilities in addition to his vocal range. He was able to utilize the talents of his music inspirations to enhance and hone in on his unique sound; Brandy, Toni Braxton, TLC, Usher, and Luther Vandross, to name a few. He recently released his first single off of his upcoming project “BLACKMALE” titled, “Happy End” featuring Marc Dinero. This track can be described as the perfect love song.

“I will always be the only one you need. Realer than your dreams or wildest fantasies. Baby here I am. You can come to me. From one lover to another, fulfill your fantasies. I wanna be more than a lover. I wanna be more than a friend. I wanna be your destination. I wanna be your happy end.”

Rob Lee certainly knows how to gain the attention of the ladies with his catchy lyrics and mesmerizing voice. Marc Dinero was the perfect touch to the track as he speaks with purpose and passion. “Happy End” has left Rob’s fans yearning for more. He is set to release a number of singles from the project. Be sure to stream “Happy End” and follow Rob Lee on social media to witness this star in the making climb up the ladder in the music industry.



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