Prominent Model Kyrichesss Goes Viral on Tik Tok

Kyana, also known as Kyrichesss, has been working diligently on pursuing her dream to become one of the most prominent models of this generation. She has collaborated with Jayda Wayda and Shane Justin and continues to climb the ladder within her industry.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kyrichesss has traveled throughout the country to enhance her reputation and visibility to potential prospects. Prior to living her dreams, Kyrichesss was a majorette dancer. She can even be seen wearing the hottest threads from the clothing line Fashion Nova as well as Savage Fenty.

With the utilization of social media at an all time high, Kyrichesss implements marketing strategies to lure in fans and supporters. Due to her impeccable work ethic, she has become well know on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok! Also subscribe to her YouTube channel!



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Julz Mancini

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