Northside Rugga Unveils New Album “The Come Up” With Much More in Store

By: Julz Mancini

Throughout the past year many of us have endured the most difficult times. While we were under quarantine, many of us took advantage of the time to perfect our passions and crafts. Northside Rugga, a Queens, NY native, was one of them. During 2020, this talented artist was hard at work releasing single after single. During the beginning of last year, Northside Rugga set out on a music venture to captivate his audience and place him in the forefront as a prominent artist. Releasing, “Clout Chasing Freestyle” in the beginning of 2020 set the tone for the remainder of the year. This song in combination with the visuals were the perfect message for the youth as it reminded them to watch who they consider friends. Following his release, Northside Rugga went on to unveil “Mama Cita”, “We Paid Freestyle”, and EP titled, “The Last Shot”. With his consistency, he was able to keep his audience highly engaged and attentively awaiting his next release.

The year 2020 ended well for the creative as he received radio play on the well known Power 105.1 and Shade 45. He also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Gray Rizzy, DJ Kay Slay, and Hynaken on Thisis50.

Northside Rugga recently unleashed his album, “The Come Up”. This 12 track project is filled with energetic delivery, word play, and phenomenal beat selection. With this work of art it is no surprise that Rugga has had the honor of performing for DJ Drewski and Casanova, to name a few. Be sure to follow him on social media and also stream his new project. Northside Rugga will undoubtedly reach his goals as a successful music artist! Don’t miss out on his journey!



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