North Carolina’s Star on the Rise: Nauticah

Julz Mancini
2 min readJan 31, 2023

Charlotte, North Carolina native Nauticah, has developed into a star on the rise as a music artist, model, entrepreneur, and influencer. By her late teens, the songstress has already acquired a variety of accolades due to her undeniable talents and beauty. Soon after college, she traveled to Georgia in pursuit of a successful career in the entertainment business. Nauticah landed an internship with Quality Control Music as an assistant to Venita Mccullom, Lil Yachty’s mother.

While absorbing knowledge throughout her an internship, Nauticah worked consistently on her craft as an artist. Her first single titled, “COCA” featuring Da Baby’s BDB artist Rich Dunk was a perfect beginning to a prosperous journey. Due to the positive response from audiences far and wide, Nauticah unveiled a project, “Nauti, If Ya Nasty”. With her unique sound and mesmerizing physique, Nauticah flourished as an artist, entrepreneur, and mother.

As the founder of the Lareine Corporation Campaign, Nauticah has strategically built multiple businesses under the umbrella company. The businesses include but are not limited to, Lareine Records, Lareine Management, Lareine Films, and Lareine Investments, to name a few.

As a music artist, Nauticah revealed her authenticity with her single, “Who Raised You” in 2021. Following its release, Nauticah created a meme and viral Tik Tok challenge; #WhoRaisedYouChallenge. Since then, “Who Raised You” has amassed over 2 millions streams on SoundCloud and resulted in over 300k people to hit the follow button on Nauticah’s Instagram page in less than 3 months.

Now, Nauticah has revealed she is back in the studio working on her next project! Her fans can be seen on multiple social media platforms showing love, support, and anticipation for what’s to come!

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