Marc DiNero Unveils New Summertime Single, “Not Without You” Ft. BRXTN

“Not Without You” is a catchy new track by Marc Dinero featuring BRXTN. This song comes during the perfect time as it gives the listeners a summertime vibe. The song was produced by Foreverolling, a prominent asset to the industry whom has recently received top charting placements with Lil Baby. Marc DiNero explains, “Being in the Louisville area, I definitely felt it only made sense to get some work in with him. The record overall gave me sunny, California vibes, so I knew that I wanted the visual to match the vibe of the record.”

Marc DiNero did an amazing job executing the project from choosing BRXTN as the collaborative partner, to the producer, and of course the visuals. It is crucial to have every aspect of a project flow naturally. Marc certainly succeeded with “Not Without You”. The song is about a first encounter with a significant other, reminiscing on the early stages of the relationship and how it has progressed.

BRXTN has a unique and soulful sound which added the perfect touch to the new song. His harmonies and sensual vibe are unmatched. The two artists are known for their impeccable music chemistry. Marc DiNero describes his decision making process regarding the collaboration, “The decision to put BRXTN on this record was easy for me. I write a great majority of the hooks that require that melodic tune I may be looking for. How I wrote it and how BRXTN delivered was different but BRXTN took it and made it his own and added the waves this record needed.”

BRXTN sings the hook:

“I can spin the block and pull up right at your location. You ain’t gotta keep a n**ga waiting…no. Girl I know you see that I’ve been patient.”

Marc DiNero spits his lyrics with energy and purpose:

“I can spin the block now. I could remember back in school I had to lock you down. I was the n**ga making moves like are you watching now? Like all these other n**gas fools look how I got you now. Always knew you was a bad one. It’s ten times better when I know they couldn’t have you.”

The music video was shot by Trap Steve in Los Angeles, California. This location served as the perfect choice for the song due to the palm trees, beaches, and beautiful women. Developing a whole vibe for the ladies is something Marc DiNero strives to create. He stated, “I always seem to aim for the female audience in some of my singles. I never wanted to be the rapper that couldn’t make music for women. Being able to win the female audience, to me, is big. Plus in this stage of my life, I have relatable experiences that I believe can be felt when it comes to relationships.”

This song is a top favorite for many of Marc’s fans. They are anticipating more music and patiently await new content. He never fails his supporters due to his consistency, talent, and work ethic. Be sure to follow Marc DiNero and BRXTN on social media and stream “Not Without You”.







Entertainment is my passion. I’ve always had an innate feeling that I was meant to utilize my writing abilities to shine light on amazing talent

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Julz Mancini

Julz Mancini

Entertainment is my passion. I’ve always had an innate feeling that I was meant to utilize my writing abilities to shine light on amazing talent

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