Latin Pop Songstress is Releasing New Catchy Song “Besos Remix”

As we have all endured life changing events during the past year, some people have taken advantage of the down time to create new businesses, new music, and new goals. Angie K Kenton refused to allow the turmoil to stunt her growth as an artist and, in turn, created 75 songs during the pandemic.

Due to being directly exposed to the deadly virus, Angie shot the music video independently from the comfort of her own home. This video portrays a “selfie cam” concept which is a perfect fit for the era we are in. Collaborating with her video director via FaceTime assisted Angie in presenting a visual of her personal quarantine to her audience. She was adamant about meeting the deadline for her release.

Angie soon went back to the drawing board for her single, “Besos Remix” featuring Danny Blanco. With a release date of March 16th, Angie is looking forward to her audience’s reaction to the song. Besos is a modern Latin Pop track with a retro flare and shares a story of the love a woman has for her crush.

“And if I were in another world I will always and still choose you. The chemistry between us will never repeat.”

Be sure to follow Angie on social media and stream her most recent release as you apprehensively await “Besos” the remix.


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