L.A. Indie Rapper Fatty2Dope Reaches Over 3 Million Views In 3 Days

Julz Mancini
3 min readMay 11, 2021

We’ve all been witness to overnight sensations taking the music industry by storm. Many of these artists are idolized due to their natural and gifted ways of luring in a crowd with their talent. Once in the spotlight, these sensations experience a ripple effect of success in which places them in the forefront for years to come.

Fatty2Dope is an artist who resides in L.A. and whose music career has skyrocketed due to his song, “True Story” shocking the music airwaves. The talented lyricist took his abilities to the next level when recording the intriguing song. Fatty2Dope received enormous praise from individuals who were overseeing the creative process. He was even compared to prominent rapper Eazy E. This comparison and praise ignited a fire inside of Fatty2Dope and, as a result, he went on to create an instagram account to reach the masses with his message. The creative rapper was not prepared for the outpour of support and recognition he was about to receive. The west coast soon caught wind of “True Story” and memes portraying comparisons to Eazy E began to surface on social media. Within one month, Fatty2Dope accumulated over 40 thousand followers on instagram. D Savage, a well known Los Angeles rapper, took interest in Fatty2Dope and his new, hot single. The two collaborated on the visuals for the track and independently produced a captivating music video which accumulated over 3 million views on YouTube within the first three days of its release and continues to climb!

While speaking to Fatty2Dope he stated, “The secret to success is staying focused and manifesting. When I say manifesting, I don’t mean on a spiritual level. It means thinking about something all of the time and living by it.” He also mentioned that as rap started to come back to its roots, he knew that was his time to create his own lane. “A couple of years ago the rap scene had no substance. Flexing was a real big thing at the time”, the lyricist explained. Fatty2Dope has certainly paved his own way in the music scene as he continues to create “music for the streets”. During our conversation, he was filled with humility as he expressed how grateful he was for the ongoing support and love his fans have shown him.

A real story teller is what Fatty2Dope has been described as. Utilizing strong lyrics, metaphors, pure emotion, and mesmerizing delivery, he is a breath of fresh air to the music industry. Fatty2Dope is unlike many artists who recycle their content and messages. He takes pride and passion in formulating his music to bring out different emotions each time his audience listens to his unique catalog. Since the huge success of “True Story”, Fatty2Dope is now one of the most sought after artists on the west coast, luring in industry executives who are eager to bring him on board. With so many opportunities on the table for this one of a kind artist, it is only a matter of time before he signs a deal. Until then, he is remaining independent and plans on continuing to bless the ears and hearts of his fans with his new single, “Streetz N Motelz”. Be sure to follow him on social media, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and stream his music!




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