Itsreallyquan College Football Star Transforms into Business Guru: Develops Team With Benny The Butcher

Itsreallyquan & Benny the Butcher

By: Julz Mancini

Many times we witness prominent athletes branch off into entrepreneurship, utilizing their network to assist in the betterment of society. Jaquan McCullough, also known as ItsreallyQuan, is one of them. He fell in love with football at the young age of six and states, “I was drawn to football because it builds character and also relationships”. He received 2, division 1 scholarships in high school for football, but did not receive eligibility through the NCAA Clearing House. As a result, he attended junior college. Although he wasn’t playing the position he preferred, he went on to receive a division 2 scholarship. Subsequently, Itsreallyquan attended West Liberty University where his football career ended.

Due to football’s ability to change the lives of children, Itsreallyquan became a huge advocate in “Changing the Community”, also known as CTC. This organization is similar to a mentorship program and camp. Quan served this company for two consecutive years prior to the pandemic. Soon after, he started receiving offers to attend events as an honorary guest. During these walk throughs and appearances, Itsreallyquan had the opportunity to grow his network. This network included NBA and NFL players such as, Isaiah Stewart and entertainment icons such as, Benny the Butcher, Dave East, Jadakiss, and Meek Mill, to name a few.

As a way to give back to the children of his community, Itsreallyquan hosts football camps in Rochester, NY. In addition, this summer Itsreallyquan and Benny the Butcher coordinated a basketball team for a tournament called, “Rucker Park Summer Tournament” where some of the biggest names in the industry attended such as, Benny the Butcher, Dave East, and Grafh, to name a few. This tournament took place 7 weeks out of the summer and grew quickly in size.

Itsreallyquan has had a successful launch in the business world thus far. He stated, “My purpose is to help others that come from where I come from. I want to let them know that there are possibilities, if not with sports, then in business. Itsreallyquan has also become part of the real estate world in Rochester, NY and is a daily stock trader. To add to his blessings, Itsreallyquan and Keyara welcomed their daughter into the world on August 18, 2021. With all of the success Itsreallyquan has experienced, he is formulating a strategy to start his own organization to help others.

Be sure to follow Itsreallyquan on Instagram to stay in tune with what he has coming next. He is surely an inspiration to his followers as they have witnessed him flourish as a business man.




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Julz Mancini

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