Introducing: Versatile Music Artist La’Falle

Julz Mancini
2 min readJun 6

Rising independent artist, La’ Falle, has been allowing his creative juices to flow since the young age of eights years old. Throughout his childhood, La’Falle learned to combine a variety of genres to develop his unique sound.

La’ Falle is no stranger to adversity, as he has climbed his way back to good standings in life. He recalls hitting rock bottom, losing everything, and eventually regaining what he had lost and then some. Due to his experience with hardship, La’ Falle is adamant about giving back to his community. He has utilized his reputation to rejuvenate and motivate the youth which he has been continuously recognized for.

When asked which of his projects are his favorite, La’ Falle responded, “Favorite project thus far is Most recent video is to my single La’FallElvis Presley. How I came up with this was very creative. My middle name is La’Falle and I’m admired by Elvis Presley and his style so I combined his first name with my name (La’FallElvis). I also wanted to show my fans and audience the Memphis rock, pop and blues culture and where the art music and talent stemmed from.”

More recently, La’ Falle unveiled the official music video for, “Hater By Association”. The visuals were shot by none other than the prestigious Wikid Films! The video has garnered over 16 thousand views within the last six months! Additionally, the visuals for “Big La’ Falle” has amassed over 24k views as seen below on the Wikid Films channel!

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