Introducing: Rising Hip Hop Artist Johnson McFly

Julz Mancini
2 min readMay 10

Johnson McFly is a versatile artist from Huntigdon, Tennessee who has reached a wide range of demographics throughout his music career thus far. He is a true storyteller who sticks to the fundamentals of hip hop while simultaneously stepping outside the box.

He creates music for the hood, for the ladies, for the club, and more. His latest release, “Westside” featuring Traveling Troy is a fan favorite. With the sounds of a guitar within the beat, the listener feels a sense of calmness while attentively focusing on Johnson’s lyrics.

The talented artist started his career from scratch…no help. Just a gift and a dream. With the blueprint he created, Johnson McFly has catapulted his career and has made it abundantly clear that with consistency, self-investment, and determination, anyone can make their dreams a reality. In addition to his music career, Johnson McFly has a boutique clothing line called Good Villains Clothing which currently offers hoodies and t-shirts. Also, Johnson McFly owns a brand called “Undefeated Losers”. It appears Johnson’s goal is to bring positivity to the forefront and push his valued supporters to reach their goals.

Johnson McFly’s presence has been in high demand lately, allowing him to enhance his visibility. He was recently seen on the “I Got Sum Shit to Say Podcast”.

Throughout the interview, a statement stood out to me, “The smaller the town, the bigger the dreams.”

That is certainly Johnson McFly’s reality. He will do whatever it takes to continue to climb the ladder within the entertainment business. He already wears several hats and he is ready to pick up more! Be sure to follow him on social media and check out his brands!




Julz Mancini

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