Lil Twin is Back With New R&B EP “Faux”

Lil Twin has been working diligently on and off camera to give his fans consistent and captivating content this year. Making headlines and turning heads is what he does best and his new and highly anticipated album, “Faux” has certainly caught the attention of new fans and executives.

The 5 song EP includes “Drug Love” which has quickly become a fan favorite. The official music video has acquired over 100k views on YouTube in the last 4 weeks, enhancing Lil Twin’s visibility in the music scene.

“Faux” is a whole vibe, bringing different melodic sounds to the forefront and giving the listener a taste of a plethora of emotions. Lil Twin has built his name on his ability to entice music lovers and leave them yearning for more.

This album certainly displays Lil Twin’s growth as an artist and has everyone talking…Lil Twin is the next big thing. Be sure to follow him on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel! You will not be disappointed!




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Julz Mancini

Entertainment is my passion. I’ve always had an innate feeling that I was meant to utilize my writing abilities to shine light on amazing talent