Chloe Morgan’s “Stars” Deemed Success

By: Julz Mancini

August 10th was a big day for Vancouver, BC-based DJ, singer/songwriter, Chloe Morgan. She unveiled her new single “Stars” which has caught the attention of music lovers far and wide. The track is a perfect combination of EDM and disco. Throughout “Stars” Chloe pours her heart out as she describes the importance of understanding that there is a creator of the universe. With her vocals and storytelling abilities, she was able to reveal her belief that people have worshipped the stars for ages and still do till this very day as God. With the world currently in turmoil, she has certainly released this song at the perfect time.

“This song comes from the perspective of calling to attention the one that’s greater”, Chloe says. “It’s about the awakening that God’s powerful light is always leading us through every valley or mountaintop.”

It is apparent that this song is very personal to the talented artist. There is always that one song that literally saves an artist when they hit rock bottom. “Stars” was created amidst Chloe hitting rock bottom. The song was meant to magnify God and make her realize she had to live each day with power and passion.

“I had the line ‘You made the stars ignite’, which has so much more meaning now than when I wrote it. It’s now a song of gratitude and exultation to the Creator”, Chloe explained.

If you’re searching for inspiration and substance, “Stars” is the song for you! Chloe begins the song acapella as she sings about the higher power that makes the “planets and universe align”. It soon transitions into a funky bass dance track that will have you dancing in no time. Click on the links below to follow Chloe Morgan throughout her music journey and to stream her new single, “Stars”!



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